Education is the systematic process of enabling individuals to acquire knowledge, skills, attitudes, values, habits and beliefs. Educational systems typically include teaching, learning, experience and directed research as a method for delivering information and imparting knowledge. The process for educating people requires learning that is systematic, flexible and adaptable to the circumstances. Knowledge acquired in education can be used in many different aspects of life, including personal, professional and social life.

Educational systems generally provide an opportunity for learning and development through the use of education. Education is typically thought of as being a system of learning that has the goal of teaching, and by extension, developing the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to be successful in life. There are numerous kinds of education, some of which focus on subject matter and others on the methods that people are taught. The most common type of education is classroom-based education, which focuses on knowledge, behavior and development. The concept behind classroom-based education is to teach students the content of a lesson in the context of the lesson. A classroom-based educational environment is often characterized by repetition of information and the teaching of one-on-one interaction between the teacher and her/his students. This type of instruction allows teachers to be more effective because they are able to use the lessons learned in one classroom setting to prepare a lesson for another.

There are other types of education that are less traditional, such as non-classroom-based education, which involves a variety of methods and techniques to educate children. These forms of education include, but are not limited to, home schooling, distance education, tutoring, therapeutic education and many other methods. Most traditional schools, however, are primarily classroom based. There are many forms of non-traditional education, including work-at-home programs, home schooling, and online education, as well as those that are based upon community-based education.